My weekly syndicated humor column received awards from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, the National Headliners and many other top press organizations.

I’ve written humorous essays for many publications, including The Onion, Salon, Ladies Home Journal, and more.

Reading Is Believing

mag-chronA Job Title to Transform You. Bill Gates already loses more money under his couch cushions than the average third-world nation spends in a year. What does the man who has everything give to himself


mag-netguide Call Me Brat Pitt. This first-person account on cyber flirting drew 300 letters to the letter and 75 invitations for me to cyber flirt with strangers. Pray for us all.


mag-nyt1 You Don’t Have to Know What’s What to Be in Who’s WhoWho would have thunk it — I am famous and powerful.


mag-nyt1 Office Christmas Parties Are No Holiday. This popular humor piece continues to be reprinted widely every year. That means office Christmas parties aren’t improving — thankfully, because I want to sell this article again.


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