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Joe-00001Do you need a top freelance writer who meets deadlines, does solid research, and produces clean, stylish prose? If so, I can help!

I’ve written for publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Men’s Health, The Onion, and Cosmo, as well as many Fortune 500 companies — Microsoft, FedEx, HSBC Bank, Ford Motor Company, top advertising firms, and more.

Demanding  clients depend on me for material that will grab the attention of busy, time-starved readers. I’ve written feature articles, white papers, case studies, blogs, scripts, slideshows and other types of material.

The subject matter I handle is diverse, too – technology, finance, business, legal, health and more. But don’t think being a generalist means anything else than stellar quality; in all these subject areas, I have great samples, prestigious awards, and satisfied clients who will sing my praises.

The common thread is story telling — relating even the most complex topics in terms of the effect on people. I promise you’ll like my work, and you’ll like working with me.


Samples Galore

Reading is believing – some of the topics I write about regularly
(And if you don’t see a topic that interests you, holler – it’s probably in my files)

What Clients Say About Me

After working with me, a client typically comes back for more. I end up working with many clients for years on many projects.


“As an editor, the one thing you prize above all else in your freelance writers is conscientiousness. Joe Mullich delivers. Every time. On time. Clean, understandable copy that breaks down the most difficult of concepts into language anyone can learn from. Joe is a professional communicator, and the consummate professional. It’s always a tremendous pleasure to work with him.”

Andy Sobel
Executive Editor, Wall Street Journal Custom Studios
Managing Editor, American Banker
Money & Markets Editor, Wall Street Journal


“I am always amazed at how Joe can quickly grasp the key messages and turn that raw information into great copy. He can see the big picture while being able to focus on the details. I consider Joe a very valuable extension of the internal marketing/communications team.”

Nathalie Benoit
Marketing Director, eTransactions
Interlink Electronics, Inc.


“Joe is the type of hard-working, flexible writer who dives into every assignment–no matter how big or small–with curiosity and focus. His deep experience in health has been a particular boon to me as an editor at two national health publications; not enough reporters truly understand the complexity of reporting on health. But Joe does and he is, on top of that, a pleasure to work with.”

Lorie Parch
Executive Editor, Shape Magazine


“Joe is one of the very best, most versatile and thoroughly caffeinated writers I know. He’s so easy to work with that even his favorite cafés let him set up a typewriter and a fax machine.”

Rusty Weston
Vice President, Managing Editor
Social@Oglivy/Oglivy & Mather


“The copy is GREAT! everyone is so happy with it. thank you for your expertise and time on such short notice.”

Kris Melzig
Sales Development Director
Wired Magazine


“Joe is one of the best and most talented writers I’ve ever worked with. One of the earliest assignments I sent him involved very lengthy pieces on network cabling. He took this topic–one of the driest you’re likely to ever find–and turned it into a series of really interesting. Once I realized the talent it took to make THAT copy interesting, I took I found a writer I would be using an awful lot. Over the years, he’s never let me down. Creative and funny and also accurate and precise, he’s the ideal wordsmith.”

Evan Schuman
Editorial Director,
Custom Publishing at CMP Media
CEO, The Content Company

“Joe is an excellent reporter and writer, who i can rely on to not only do good work, but to do so with good cheer and flexibility. He has wonderful people skills. A star.”

Larry Marion
CEO, Triangle Publishing


 “Another winner! Thanks much. I will definitely be recommending you to my colleagues at other books.”

Claudia Jepsen
Creative Services Director
Money Magazine


 “Joe’s stories exemplify what we try to do: tell serious stories about the top people in law. His work has been a finalist in awards competition against high-profile competition Playboy and Reason magazine. You don’t often see a legal journal in this kind of company.

Erik Lundegaard
Super Lawyers


“Ever since I hired Joe to write for a variety of projects that demanded white papers and research summaries, I have been completely satisfied with the subject knowledge, specifically technology, and how that translates to the reader in terms of education, benefits, and action items. He exceeds standards every time and and he is a pleasure to work with. His interviewing techniques, organizational skills, and writing talent exceed my expectations every time.”

Denise Williams
Director of Strategic Marketing,
Goodman Marketing Partners

Proven Track Record

Hundreds of top companies & magazines
have turned to me for turns of phrases

Here is a list of some of the folks I’ve written for (depicted by magazine cover and company logos). Click here for a text list of clients.

Award Winning …

Over the years, I’ve won a few dozen writing awards for speeches, scripts, books, and articles about business, technology, health and more. Here are some of them …


Los Angeles Press Club … Finalist, Best Profile: Friending Ted Ullyott … a in-depth look at Facebook’s top lawyer a day before the IPO when he becomes a billionaire 

International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors … Golden Quill, Best Humor Column … for my syndicated business-humor column, “Coffee Break”

National Society of Newspaper Columnists, Finalist …  Best Humor Column … for Coffee Break

National Headliners Award … Third Place, Best Column … for Coffee Break

New Jersey Press Club … First Place, Best Sports Column … a piece about how striking baseball players should hang out at a park and watch kids taking part in the real national past time

Pacific Coast Press Club … First Place, Best Business Article … for an intense look at the man who started the discount warehouse revolution

Pacific Coast Press Club … First Place, Best Health Article … an exploration of the causes and treatments of depression, showing how you can lighten the blues

California Newspaper Publishers Association … Award of Merit, Best Feature Article … a long feature about “Spending Junkies — They Binge, They Buy, They Bust” — compulsive over-spenders 

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers … Finalist, Best Mystery Novel

Scriptwriters Network … Finalist, Best Screenplay

Toastmasters International … First Place, Best Humorous Speech


Wanna Talk?

Grab a cup of Joe with Joe


A little bit about moi,
9-to-5 and afterwards


The antidote to 8 hours behind a computer

The Work Stuff

My writing background is eclectic — I have received more than three dozen awards for writing about business, law, technology, health, humor and many other topics.

Sometimes it confuses people that I write white papers about business intelligence for Microsoft; about heart disease for Health Magazine; about finance for Capital One; while also doing features about the resurgence of the cocktail for the Wall Street Journal.

It doesn’t seem strange to me. If you are a storyteller, you can handle any subject matter. I also write a blog called Stories Over Coffee, about hanging out at Starbucks (where I spend 8 hours a day, since it’s my office).

After Hours

I live in Los Angeles. When I am not working, I bike around the city (it’s a great way to see unusual things and meet people).

Most weekends, I am finding new adventures — trying trapeze school on the Santa Monica pier, heading off to Yosemite to hike Half Dome or ballooning in Temecula.


The most rewarding thing I do

I do a lot of volunteer work. Currently, the two volunteer organizations I am involved with are 826la, where I help inner city kids prepare their essays for college admissions, and Children of the Night, a great organization that rescues teenagers age 12 to 17 from prostitution and human trafficking.

For the latter, I am part of a group of volunteers who run fun weekly workshops which help the kids laugh, play and recapture some of the childhood that was stolen from them. If you want to volunteer, donate, or just find out more information here are the links for 826la and COTN.

Thank you for stopping by my web site. Please reach out if you think we can work together or if you have any questions!